Don't Eat My ONiON

Connecting the real mobility ecosystem to the digital world

Data from real vehicles can have value as usable goods in the digital world. The experience of experienced drivers can inspire the creation of game characters.

Own an NFT, explore the unknown world of DEMO, and meet various rewards and companions. We aim for a worldview created with various experiences, fun, and community members.

Don’t Eat My ONiON!

  • An incident occurred at MVL's vehicle production plant in Cambodia.

  • The E-Vehicle ONiON T1 vehicle that MVL had secretly built was “eaten” instantly by some portal.

  • It was confirmed that these vanished ONiON vehicles were transported to an incomplete multi-universe called DEMO.

  • To reclaim it, DEMO, a new world where MVL's vehicles and drivers play an active role, will begin.

What does DEMO mean?

  • 'demo' generally means a duplicate of something. The world connected through the portal has been named DEMO, meaning that it is similar to the real world and is like a different demo version.

  • It is also an abbreviation of “Don't Eat My ONiON,” shouting at the portal that eats up ONiON T1.

  • Explanations of the terms will be released later.

Who makes the DEMO?

  • MVL Foundation is conducting the DEMO project.

  • MVL has been building the Web 3 blockchain mobility ecosystem in Southeast Asia for the past several years. Representative examples include TADA, a ride-sharing platform, and ONiON Mobility, a manufacturer of E-Tuk Tuk

  • DEMO Universe is directly linked to MVL's real-world mobility ecosystem.

  • The basis of the DEMO worldview is the TADA drivers and ONiON vehicles, the protagonists of the MVL ecosystem.

  • MVL tokens are utilized in various games and services and NFTs that will appear in the DEMO world and can also contribute to the increase in the MVL value

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